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I don't have a password, so how can I log in?

Just leave this field empty if you have not set yourself a password - but we do recommend that you do set a password once you've logged in.

Neither my fruitINSPECTOR number nor password are being accepted - what is wrong?

Try just entering your fruitINSPECTOR number. Only enter a password if you have already logged in and updated your records with a password.

If this is the first time you have tried logging in, you will not have a password. Just enter your fruitINSPECTOR number.

My fruitINSPECTOR number is not being accepted and I know it is correct - what is wrong?

We do not yet have a full set of fruitINSPECTOR records from the associated 'gatekeepers', so the problem you are having could be related to this issue.

Please email us at fruitinspector@freshlearn.co.nz for assistance (don't forget to include your fruitINSPECTOR number in your email)

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