This training package has been assembled by Zespri as an electronic system to provide training resources to prepare you for pest identification at different levels. The system has been designed to replace the training kits, jigsaws and quiz that were incorporated into the Zespri Pest ID Manual.

The programmes consists of tests for different skill levels:

Each test shows a number of pest identification questions and images to test the understanding of individual's knowledge. Each test must be passed with 100% correct answers. Once the test has been passed it will be added to the individuals file and certificate.

The way that Zespri has this system set up doesn't mean that an individual can then complete pest identifications. Additional pest validations to each life stage must still be sought by sending pests away through the Zespri pest identification process. Refer to the Zespri Pest Identification Manual for further details.

Make sure your manager has set you up as an inspector in the system. Select the Fruit Inspectors tab to log in and start a test.